• eLearning
    In a technology based society, eLearning aims at providing freedom to students to learn at their own convenience and pace thereby allowing them to be more independent, creative and productive.

    edulytic.in addresses all the essential needs of learners, ensuring learners get a personalized and convenient e-learning experience, hence expanding their understanding and interest in education.
  • Self Assessment
    Self assessment in education helps in cultivating a number of skills in students such as reflection, critical thinking and self awareness. edulytic.in focuses on providing the opportunities of self assessment to students in a way to evaluate themselves, to make judgement about their own performance and improve upon it.
  • Novice friendly
    edulytic.in ensures easy and simple access to its user. The website is novice friendly in the sense that it is easy to read, navigate and understand.
  • Edupoints
    Edupoints is Edulytic Contribution program that recognizes your each and every contribution to Edulytic whether it is in the form of suggestions, creating your own test or adding blogs. Edupoint program is our way of thanking you for your contribution to education and Edulytic community.
  • Pertinent Content
    In order to make learning informative and interactive edulytic.in focuses on providing learning experience in an appropriate and planned manner. The content provided is relevant and applicable to the schools core curriculum and is being regularly updated and revised by our team by carefully studying universal truth.
  • Freebie Learning Curve
    edulytic.in opens free of charge doors of learning and analyzing one's own performance thereby ensuring a better tomorrow through maximizing academic potentials.