By : Gunjan Katna
Motivation 29/08/2017 09:33am
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Time is imperative, impalpable, inestimably precious and therefore unique. It is systematically and uniformly distributed.The cycle of 24 hours in a day, is same for everyone, be it prime minister, president, athlete, entertainer or any business tycoon - all have the same number of hours in a day. But somehow they are able to achieve much more with their time than others. They may have less leisure time than achievement time or they may be working for longer hours but still they have the same hours as everyone else have.  

Now the question arises, how they are able to manage their time so efficiently and effectively. There is a great difference between action and achievement. Though sometimes we are busy all day, but at the end of the day we realise that actually nothing fruitful has been achieved. On the other hand sometimes there are days when we are busy, but they are actually the days of achievement.

So how can we make every day of our life, the day of achievement rather than a day of action.

1.The first step of improving time management is to pen down the list of most important work(subjects to be studied) a day before.

2. Next, number the items in the list according to their importance.

3. Finally, start your day with the planned time table and tick off the task once it is completed as it is highly motivational to see yourself progressing.

4. There is always an urge to do the simple and effortless work first and then proceeding to the complicated or difficult task. But imagine how does it feel like to complete the nasty task first: Relieved, ecstatic and more motivated.

5. There will be days when some or most of the items in the list are unticked, don’t panic or stress yourself. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment and confidence and allow your subconscious mind to clearly focus on the desired result and that result will be inevitable.

 6.  Don't forget to refresh your mind and body by providing yourself ample time to rest, socialize and most importantly exercising. A balanced system of work and recreation helps to rejuvenate your energy.

As allocating time in a balance manner is really important, we at edulytic.in, aim to work on the principle of time management thus enabling the students to utilize their time effectively and efficiently. The students get an opportunity to learn, grasp knowledge by taking test which are time bound followed by an immediate and accurate feedback thereby saving their time.Just a few clicks exhibit child progress which helps the parents to stay updated about their child academic development.

Summing it all together, Time management is a significant key to unlock the doors of success in any field of work as it helps to maximize the effectiveness of an individual’s effort.

There can be more better ways to manage time efficiently. Please share your ideas and thoughts so as to make learning a never ending process.