Objective Assessment with Edulytic

Objective Assessment with Edulytic

By : Gunjan Katna
Objective Learning 05/02/2019 05:34pm
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In recent times, technology has become a significant aspect of our lives and most amazingly it has reached to a new level of advancement in our education system. It will not be wrong to say that technology has enabled education to shift from one dimensional realm to a multi facet domain, thereby creating new opportunities for both students and teachers.

In today’s world, as soon as children turn 3 years, they are pretty much aware of using smartphones, tablets and as they grow, their attraction towards the gadgets increases exponentially. They love exploring internet, be it in the form of games, music or any other entertainment which is nodoubt has become a matter of concern for parents.

What if, a platform is provided to students where they can use technology in a more beneficial and in an informative way. Can it be Edulytic? Yes, ofcourse, Edulytic is one such platform where learning is made much more interactive, reparative, informative, engaging, fun and interesting. The primary aim is to provide a fun learning platform to the students where they could utilize their time and efforts in the right direction.

Edulytic is designed on the principle of Objective Assessment helping students analyze their own understanding of the various concepts relevant to their age. At the initial level, multiple tests have been designed for students from class 3 to 6 (work for senior classes is in progress) covering all the subjects viz. English Grammar, Hindi Grammar, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Computers, and General Knowledge. Two level test are designed for each topic in each subject to assess the understanding of student concepts. Another two levels of practice tests are designed for incorrectly answered and skipped questions, which helps a student to focus only on improvement areas rather than doing entire test repeatedly.

As its rightly said that competition play a great role in encouraging and engaging students to perform well, Edulytic creates competitive sense by its EduPoints feature. A consecutive visit to Edulytic and taking regular test will enrich students with EduPoints, which in turn gets them a Rank thereby creating a competitive sense and engaging students to learn quickly to attain and retain best rank.

Students can track their progress viz., Test Completed, Accuracy, EduPoints, Ranks & other useful details under Students Dashboard, the same details are available for Parents under Parents Dashboard as well.

“Quote of the Week” and “Word of the week” are the additional features provided by Edulytic. Quote of the week highlights educational quotation of famous writers while Word of the week intends to enhance the vocabulary of the students. Every week a new word is added with its detailed description and example sentences.

A Weekly Quiz is shared through social media to encourage parents & students to look beyond their textual knowledge and establish a relationship between theory and application of the learnt concepts.

With all these features, Edulytic ultimate mission lies in the heart of Objective Assessment therby measuring the student’s reasoning, analysis, application and understanding skills.