Schools: Five days a Week

Schools: Five days a Week

By : Gunjan Katna
Motivation 07/11/2017 09:23am
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In today’s competitive world, life for students is all about heavy bags loaded with books, spending long hours at school with little or no time to rejuvenate energy. Students are under tremendous pressure to perform and compete against their peers, to balance school, homework, extracurricular activities and healthy lifestyle. With all such work load and pressure they are expected to attend school six days a week leaving a little scope to develop their own hobbies, interests and talents.

Weekend(Saturday and Sunday) are the days that are usually looked up and welcomed by all especially the students as these are days when one generally need exemption from work, time for leisure and recreation.Just a day off(Sunday) in the entire week does not contribute in proper feeding of mind and body. In addition to sunday, saturday off can help students to be in more energized state which enables more positive outlook and can also helps in number of ways.

1. Weekend provide students ample time to wind up with their pending work as well as provide opportunity to work extra hard on the subjects in which they usually lack behind.

2. Often it became difficult for students to spare time to develop their interest and hobbies. Two days off will help them to explore their areas of interest.  

3. Research shows that students who are sleep-deprived have more trouble learning and remembering. Students are usually busy and sleep-deprived during the entire week, so they need to have proper sleep and relaxation time which is only possible during weekend.

4. Students can go out for a short trip to replenish their lost energy and vigour. It will not only energises their exhausted bodies but also refreshes the worn-out minds.

5. The busy schedules of students seize the opportunity from them to spend quantitative as well as qualitative time with their family. Weekend off will allow children to have sufficient time  at home which will help establishing the feeling of more settled, less stressed, confident and more cooperative.

Summing up altogether, School life, the most important part of one’s life should be a time of self discovery, education and self improvement rather the time of stress and anxiety. Therefore,the working days of schools should be five days a week as it will help the students to refuel, re-energize and revive their mind as well as body to be able to get back to work for the upcoming days with ample energy to last.

Five working days a week for schools can have more benefits. Please share in your views and thoughts.